At Least They Looked Good
October 21, 2009 | Kevin Zdancewicz

Colorado State

Back in the early days of JOTW on the old Fanatic Magazine website, one of my friends sent me a photo of the Colorado State football uniforms as a suggestion for an article. I agreed with him that it was a solid look, but never got around to featuring them for a week (Brooks, file this under “better late than never”). I caught some of the TCU-CSU game this past Saturday and though the Rams were taken behind the woodshed 44-6, they looked pretty good (jersey-wise) doing it.

I’ve decided recently that an underutilized color scheme like Colorado State’s green and gold (or the Vancouver Canuck’s royal and green from last time’s JOTW) is a major plus: a solid uni design gains extra points in my eyes just for not being an overused combination like black and red, navy and gold, or maroon and anything. For instance, I think navy and gold is a great color combo, but it’s hard to argue that it’s not overused or that it doesn’t regularly provide scenes that seem less like actual games and more like intrasquad scrimmages. I also have an affinity for solid color pants with white jerseys so CSU’s featured road uniforms are acing my evaluation (though it pains me to see them sometimes wear this). You might remember that one of my favorite college uniforms belongs to another school from the Mountain West Conference (note the solid color pants). There must be something in the water out there.

Anyways, the uniforms themselves are pretty simple: no stripes or patterns on the jerseys and minimal piping on the respective white and gold pants. Adding a simple or traditional shoulder stripe could liven up the jersey a bit, but as it stands the main attraction of the set is the classic spiral horns helmet design made famous by the NFL’s Rams franchise. According to the Helmet Project, a reputable but not infallible reference on the subject, the NFL’s Rams began wearing the first variation of the horn design on their helmet in 1964 with Colorado State following suit in 1973. (It’s also currently worn by Division I-AA Rhode Island and was used a couple decades ago by I-AA Fordham). I think it’s cool when teams use a helmet logo to give off the illusion of something attached to the players heads and even though it’s borrowed from the pros, CSU is still the only Division I-A school using the classic design. In the end, it’s just another great element of a great college football uniform set.

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