by Kevin Zdancewicz

UVA Baseball

6/1/10 Wahoowa
Royals Powder Blues

4/29/10 Powder Blue Revival
Larry Bird Indiana State

2/29/10 Indiana State of Mind

USA Hockey

2/11/10 The Stars and Stripes on Ice

Bolts Alternate

1/28/10 Nicknicknames

ATL Hawks

1/14/10 Abbreviation Inclination
San Jose Sharks

12/16/09 Update Edition 2
Seattle U

12/2/09 Going Gray

11/6/09 Dud Matchup of the Week
Colorado State

10/21/09 At Least They Looked Good

9/30/09 One Logo Says It All

9/23/09 Bungled Uniforms

Masoli Oregon

9/9/09 Oregon Featherweights
Jungle Kats

4/21/09 Kreative Kat Helmets
Oakland Throwbacks

4/14/09 Kicking It Old School: Part 4
San Diego State

4/1/09 Black and Red (Not White) All Over


3/24/09 College Retro Stripes
Oklahoma Sooners

3/17/09 Over-Under Wordmarks

UVA Women's Lax

3/12/09 UVA Women's Laxed Look

USA Baseball

2/24/09 Diamond Stars and Stripes
Prison Night

2/19/09 Prison Promotion

NC State Pink Uniforms

2/10/09 A Pink Memorial

Zephyrs Throwbacks

2/3/09 Fly Away On My Zephyr

1/27/09 Crabcakes and Football (Uniforms)

1/20/09 Third Jersey in the Desert
UVA Basketball

12/2/08 UVA's New Look
Hershey Bears Throwbacks

11/18/08 Update Edition
Golden State Throwbacks

11/11/08 Kicking It Old School: Part 3
Cutler Broncos

10/28/08 Football Side Panel & Pants Stripes Gallery
Barry Sanders

10/21/08 A Blip for the Blue and Silver

10/14/08 Emphasis on Timber
Price is Right

10/7/08 Come on Down!
Air Force

9/30/08 A Uniform Force
Buffalo Sabres

9/22/08 Kicking It Old School: Part 2
Buffalo Bills

9/15/08 Kicking It Old School: Part 1

9/8/08 Clasing Pinstripes
UCLA Softball

4/21/08 Talkin' Socks (and Stirrups)
O's Jay Payton

4/14/08 What's In a (City) Name?

4/7/08 UVA's Lax Look
U.S. Men's Soccer

3/31/08 A New National Color?

3/24/08 The Future in 1999 - Baseball Special
Jake Peavy

3/17/08 No Gray Area
Oregon BBall

3/10/08 Blackout in Oregon

2/25/08 Purple Raptor's Majesty

2/18/08 Fool's Gold (and Black)
Pro Bowl

2/11/08 The Best Players, Not the Best Uniforms
Blue Jackets

2/4/08 Looking Nice on Ice
Thomas Jones

1/28/08 Dear Old UVA