Come on Down!
October 6, 2008 | Kevin Zdancewicz

Fresno Grizzlies Price Is Right Jerseys

Minor league baseball has long embraced the art of the promotion, with giveaways and theme nights at most every game with themed – and usually crazy – jerseys making occasional appearances. Such is surely the case with the Fresno Grizzlies, a AAA team for the San Francisco Giants, who conducted Price is Right Night last year with the jerseys pictured above. (Fresno actually has a rich history of theme jerseys, many of which you can check out here if you scroll down to the “Minor Matters” section). The tribute to the weekday morning game show was in honor of the impending retirement of the show’s famous host, Bob Barker, who was immortalized with a giveaway bobblehead at the game. There were also between-inning pricing games complete with the PA announcer calling fans in the stands to “Come on down!”

While a regular jersey even remotely like this one would be a disaster, its onetime promotional use for a minor league team is pretty awesome and hilarious – if you can get past the hypnotizing pattern of dollar sign logos across it. You have to love the name tag on the chest like contestants wear, the numbers around the sleeves reminiscent of the panels on the big wheel, and the addition of “the” to the franchise name across the front of the jersey similar to the “The Price is Right” logo. And check out the backs, where every player’s last name is “Pick me Bob” – which is self-explanatory if you’ve ever seen the show (and if you haven’t seen the show, we are no longer friends). Even the team’s mascot got into the spirit of the night, dressing up in a suit like the man of the hour Bob Barker. All in all an amazing display of commitment to a theme and fun for the whole family, which is what minor league baseball should be.

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