JOTW: Kicking It Old School - Part 3
November 11, 2008 | Kevin Zdancewicz

 Golden State Throwbacks


Throwback jerseys have become a huge hit in sports in recent years, both on the court and in the streets where old school gear has become a major fashion trend. There are plentiful examples of retro uniforms from all of the major sports leagues and in the third installment of JOTW’s Throwback Series we take a look at basketball.

It would be irresponsible for me not to use the Golden State Warriors’ “The City” throwback as the feature photo for this column. The franchise rocked the look when they were the San Francisco Warriors and it depicts the Golden Gate Bridge on the front with the player number inside the circular logo. It only got better on the back of the jersey, where the player number was placed inside an cable car and the player name was placed below the logo. Add in the old San Francisco logo on the shorts and the “Warriors” wordmark down the side of the shorts and you’ve got a really impressive throwback effort. 

The NBA first started opening up to throwbacks in the 1996-97 season when the league was celebrating its 50th anniversary. The Warriors are one the first teams that comes to mind to really embrace throwbacks. In addition to the featured “The City” uniforms, the Warriors have rocked some really nice early Golden State throwbacks complete with Warriors down the side of the shorts again and a blue version of “The City” jerseys. The Lakers also have been big throwback proponents with blue, script Los Angeles jerseys (with Lakers down the shorts) and a sky-blue, star-spangled look. The Chicago Bulls paid tribute to the Chicago Stags with throwbacks to the Stags’ late-1940s mismatched jersey and shorts look and the Miami Heat based some flashy, garish throwback uniforms on the Miami Floridians.

Overall, I think throwbacks translate really well to basketball. Pro basketball styles in the past were for the most part rather plain, which is understandable since there was literally a lot less material to work with than in other sports. At the same time, every once in awhile a more eccentric or bizarre uniform style (like the Stags’ mismatched jersey and shorts or the Warriors’ “The City” jersey) would pop up. In either case, a throwback will end up looking pretty good, either highlighting the progression from simpler uniforms past to current designs or showcasing a rare or unusual jersey from back in the day. Though that’s not to say that sometimes they can go terribly, terribly wrong.

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