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November 18, 2008 | Kevin Zdancewicz

  Hershey Bears


Covering uniforms is a lot more dynamic than one might think. I have written over 20 JOTW columns and I always seem to stumble upon updates or just things I missed regarding jerseys that I have highlighted in them. For a number of these finds, I have gone back and added updates to the archives, but since I don't believe too many people comb through past columns that often it means not everyone interested has gotten a chance to check out some of the further developments post-column. But have no fear, for today's JOTW I have compiled a list of updates from previous columns as well as a feature photo of Hershey Bears’ throwbacks from last season just because, well, look at them! The column being addressed is linked first and then the update follows. Be forewarned: it's a linkfest if there ever was one. Enjoy!


JOTW: Blackout in Oregon

This column covered Oregon's all-black basketball uniforms with black lettering, making them look essentially like practice jerseys. Well, now the school is apparently going for a white-out with a new look unveiled for this season. Also, I mentioned in this column that we had to look out for new Oregon baseball uniforms for spring 2009, when the school resurrects its 29-year dormant program. Turns out I was right. (Also, for the sake of it: Oregon football wore this on Saturday.)


JOTW: The Future in 1999

MLB's Turn Ahead the Clock program appears to be a fan favorite topic as this is my most read column to date (or just most clicked on, depending on your view of the hits counter). One update to share: While most teams just wore their regular pants for the TATC event, during the initial future uniform game between the Mariners and Royals a year before the league-wide promotion (details here), the Royals wore special pants for the occasion. Also, in this column I talked about how I wished we could see what Arizona’s wrap-around snake uniforms would look like with names and numbers. Well, I later got my wish and unveiled it in JOTW: Clashing Pinstripes.


JOTW: What's In a (City) Name?

Cross the Orioles off the list of teams that use only their nickname on the front of their jerseys. The team unveiled new jerseys last week that feature "Baltimore" on the front of the gray road jerseys for the first time since 1972. Also, in an apparent ploy to get Baltimore on each uniform set, there is a new patch on the home jersey sleeve and a wordmark on the black alternate jersey. The Oriole Bird logo has been altered as well.


JOTW: Talkin' Socks (and Stirrups)

I posted two updates to this column after it originally ran. First, it turns out that colored sanitary socks were big in California, as the San Diego Padres rocked yellow sanitaries for a while and the San Francisco Giants wore orange sanis for a few years in the late 1970s. It's also interesting to note from these links that it appears neither team had a gray road uniform during this period of time. Second, upon further research it appears that I should have done some more extensive research on colored sanitaries. The Milwaukee Brewers joined in on the action with yellow undersocks in the mid-70s just prior to introducing one of the coolest logos ever.


JOTW: Clashing Pinstripes

I added an update to this column a few weeks after it ran when I received a couple new photos of the Diamondbacks' white hats with pinstriped jerseys. Check them out.


JOTW: Kicking It Old School - Part 2

Since the second installment of the JOTW Throwback Series several teams have announced or worn throwback jerseys in the NHL. The Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs were mentioned in the column as planning to unveil throwbacks. Add the New York Islanders to that list, as well. The Canadians will be wearing a number of classic, throwback jerseys throughout the season in celebration of their 100th season. Also, following the lead of last season's Winter Classic participants, the 2009 edition will feature old-time throwbacks from the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings.


JOTW: A Blip for the Blue and Silver

I realized after the fact that I neglected to link to other two NFL franchises that have worn royal blue pants. They are the Buffalo Bills from 1973-1985 (12 years!) and the New York Giants in 1975 and 1976. The Bills are further noteworthy for the red socks they paired with their royal blue pants in the early '80s. Also, while looking up these links I found another interesting look that I didn't know about: the Denver Broncos wore orange pants in 1968. (Update: There was actually a fourth team that wore royal blue pants in the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts in 1995.)


Finally, quasi-related to JOTW: Looking Nice on the Ice: the Washington Capitals (my favorite hockey team) redesigned their jerseys in congruence with the NHL adopting a league-wide jersey template by Reebok. I don't like the new jerseys much, but realized that the main reason why is the extra color panel along the front side of the sleeve. So, I did what anyone in the digital age should do when they are upset with something: I photoshopped it.


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